Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When aqua ATTACKS!

     So I know I posted a blog entry yesterday and wasn't anticipating posting again until Thursday or Friday. But, I got a chunk of time this morning where Henry played quietly in my office! This gave me the opportunity to finish working out the chart and pattern writing for his hat pattern.

     When aqua ATTACKS! hat pattern is officially published to Ravelry! It is a free pattern that I will be updating in the future weeks with expanded sizes. But for now, it will just be available in a general toddler sizing. The hat knits up quick and the Fair Isle is perfect for those that have yet to conquer stranded/colorwork knitting. Plus, I even included in the notes how to make this a two color hat instead of a three color hat. I am all for people taking my patterns and changing them to suit their needs and styles.

     Now since I put the pattern on the fast track for publishing there may be mistakes as I don't have a tech editor, and I didn't put a call out for test knitters. So, if for any reason you find a mistake or see a potentional problem please shoot an email to me As I was writing this, I did find a few mistakes after I had already published and uploaded the pattern to Ravelry. Everything is fixed, but again if you find any mistakes please let me know.

     As promised, here are some "action shots" of Henry wearing his hat outside in the blustery wind. Again, he isn't a fan of hats, so he won't wear in unless it is super cold.

     We walk to meet Gwen at the bus stop every weekday afternoon. So with the colder temps hitting our region he really did need the hat. Though, he refused to wear mittens. Hrm. Mittens. Maybe I should knit up a pair of matching mittens....

Happy Downloading and Knitting!

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